Medical Billing Services

MCA is a full service medical billing company.  MCA‘s highly trained staff systematically processes and audits all charges to ensure accurate coding and proper billing. MCA reconciles all charges and payments received by your office to ensure that you have been paid for the services you provided.  We also monitor published fee schedules form various carriers to ensure that you are charging appropriately for your services.

  • MCA trains your staff to ensure we receive correct information on a timely basis
  • MCA uses state-of –the –art practice management software for billing. 
    We electronically submit claims to most carriers
  • MCA performs quarterly audits on all data input for compliance purposes
  • MCA monitors fee schedules and provides recommendations for modifications and adjustments ensuring that you are maximizing reimbursements
  • MCA evaluates procedure code utilization for accuracy
  • Data is entered on a daily basis once received by your office

  • Specifics include
  • Enter all patient demographics
  • Enter all charge information
  • File all insurance claims electronically where possible and paper when needed
  • Monthly cycle billing to patients
  • Respond to all insurance and patient correspondence regarding billing issues
  • Routine follow up with insurance companies and patients on unpaid claims/balances
  • Post all insurance and patient payments
  • Perform all insurance appeals
  • Assist with physician credentialing
  • Real time on-line access to your account 24/7
  • Assigned experienced billing representatives

Accounts Receivable Management

MCA will take over collection responsibility for your aged accounts receivable.  Our experienced staff diligently follows up on past due accounts with a successful collection rate of 45% vs the statistical 25% on past due accounts over 90 days.

By taking over your collection responsibility for aged accounts receivable, MCA can audit your current billing practices and provide feedback on effective reimbursement management methods, proper billing techniques and proper collection techniques.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

At MCA, we offer our clients an affordable package with the nation’s #1 most utilized EHR solutions. EHR systems reduce healthcare costs and enhance decision-support capabilities of users. Your practice will receive thorough training from EHR trained professionals and the best part is there is no start up costs! Call today to inquire! (888) 294-5400.


In addition to electronic health records, MCA offers a free and easy-to-use electronic prescription program.



Are you having the following issues at your practice?  It might be time to OUTSOURCE with MCA!


  • I’m working hard and overall collection rate is declining
  • My accounts receivable is too high
  • Increased number of denied claims
  • Too much time is spent on the business aspect of this practice and my focus should be on patient care
  • Software and hardware is obsolete and performing inefficiently causing my staff to do unnecessary tasks. We can’t keep up with the latest technology.
  • My computer support fees are so high
  • There is a lot of turnover in my staff
  • It’s so difficult to find experienced billing staff
  • I am completely reliant upon my office manager
  • I am planning to expand my practice
  • Should we participate with all these managed care plans?
  • Why does it take so long for a claim to be paid?
  • Are our reimbursements correct?
  • Are there services that we are not billing?
  • Should I spend the money to invest in new hardware or software?
  • How many employees do I need for billing?
  • Don’t have any checks and balances in place. How trustworthy are all members of my staff?
  • I am planning to retire in the next few years.  Should I invest in new hardware and /or software at this time?