Is it Time to Outsource Your Medical Billing?

For over 25 years, Medical Consultants of America, Inc. has provided medical offices - solo and group practices - with affordable medical billing services with quality secondary to none.  

Most importantly at this crucial time, MCA is ICD-10 compliant.  Our present clients can rest easy knowing there will be no disruption in cash flow beginning 10/1/2015.  

95% if our claims are submitted electronically meaning you get paid faster.  Denied or incorrectly paid claims are followed up by our staff. 

An EMR software system as well as appointment scheduling is available for your use and each practice has access to their account omitting the worry of losing control.

We provide monthly management reports so you can manage your practice.  We also provide consultation services on coding so you are assured of receiving maximum reimbursement. 

We have increased our clients' monthly income by 10-20%.  Our services pay for themselves and your headaches are gone!

Call us today toll-free at (888) 294-5400 or locally at (856) 858-5212.  You can also email questions to

Please visit our website at for more detailed information. 

- Cathy Giblin, President, Medical Consultants of America, Inc. 

Stricter Incident-to Rules Could Mean Less Revenue for Practices

The doctor who initiates a patient's care will have to be in the office when patients are being seen by non-physician practitioners (NPP) if the practice wants to bill incident-to services, according to a CMS proposal in the proposed 2016 Medicare physician fee schedule.  

Currently, the physician supervising the incident-to service does not need to be the same one who originally saw the patient.  CMS seeks to remove a sentence in the regulation that allow that and replace it with the new policy.

That would mean more NPPs would bill directly to Medicare to receive 85% reimbursement as opposed to the 100% reimbursement a practice receives billing incident-to services. 

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